PG SPINS: Katharine McPhee’s “Each Other”

January 13, 2008

Yeh I’m a fan. Yeh, she owns me.

This is probably my favorite off her debut. It’s a real nice slow jam. Too bad her music didn’t get much attention last year. Very underrated. This video is an acoustic performance of the song… brought to you by Rhapsody! (plugging) Haha.

Just thought I’d share this ‘cos the blog’s been getting stale… and I haven’t been in the mood to update much, or write anything lately. Plus, how cool is it that my first post this year’s about Kat. Might bode well for me and me luv. Ugh, Kat… call off your engagement! NOW!

 BTW, Happy New Year guys! Let’s all have a great ’08!