November 25, 2007


– My sister got married. Beautiful beautiful ceremony and reception. I was in tears while she was walking down the aisle. She chose “Moon River” as her song. It was magical — they played an orchestral version for the entourage and a choral version for the bride. The reception was amazing as well. Then she moved out of the house the next day. A bittersweet moment that was. The house is a bit more silent now but I’m really happy for them.

– My other sister gave birth… they brought home her baby just now. Baby Yesha! I’m sure she’ll help liven the house up a lot. It’s exciting. It IS so true what they say that a woman is at her most beautiful after giving birth. Seeing the baby was great, but it was seeing my sister after she gave birth that really moved me to tears.

– Reconnected with my brother and saw my pamangkin baby Ely for the first time. Remember I asked you guys to help pray for his survival after birth? GOD is really good and answered all our prayers. He’s really healthy now, and might I add… amazingly handsome (like me!). Got to spend time with Trixie as well! My other pamangkin sa kuya ko. Coolness!

Bittersweet — in a word, that’s how everything was. Sad because of course, I won’t get to be around my sisters that much anymore. And I’m really really close to them so it’s hard. But in a way, it’s good ‘cos it helps me move forward. Grow up more. Not be too dependent I guess. All my siblings have families now and so naturally that would be theirĀ  focus. It’s easy to see it as losing family, but I’ve learned to see it as otherwise. I know I’m sounding kinda selfish, but it IS hard especially for a bunso. Haha. Plus I’m the only one left without my ownm so I hope you see why I probably feel left out and alone.

Anyway, I know I’ll get used to everything soon enough. And I’m hoping things go well for everyone. Long as ebribadis happy, I’m happy.