“Our House… In The Middle Of Our Street…”

November 4, 2007

You remember this song by Madness?

[click for song]

When I was young I used to like this song a lot. I really related to the lyrics cos, well… just like in the song, our house was in the middle of our street.

So as our house was in the middle of our street, our street in my mind has always been divided into two: the left side and the right. I always see the left side because that’s my direction when I’m going out of our subdivision. So I’m very familiar with the houses in that side… renovations, new plants, new pets, new cars, new faces, balikbayans, et cetera et cetera. The right side however, I don’t usually get to see unless I would go to a friend’s house in that part. So in my mind, the right side has always remained the same as I remember it from the last time I saw it.

Kanina, hinatid ako ng tsikot ni Virgie. We dropped another friend off somewhere else in our subdivision first so we followed a different route than what we usually take. That route required us to enter our street from the right side. And man, when I saw how the houses there looked now… I almost didn’t recognize them! As in at one point I was thinking we made a wrong turn. They were sooo different. And then our house came. And then I realized how much of a recluse I’ve been here in our neighborhood. Ahhh!

Kelangan kong tumambay sa labas. Haha! Patintero!

And oh, another thing I learned about myself today. I never realized how competitive I can be when I let myself be competitive. SOBRA!! Haha. Patintero!