PG SPINS: Björk’s “Earth Intruders”

November 1, 2007

In celebration of our freshly-installed DSL beybeh! I give you… the one, the only… Björk! With one of her latest videos, “Earth Intruders”.

“Earth Intruders” is the first single of Björk’s  latest album Volta. Uber love the song. The sound is a bit different from what she usually puts out, but it’s undeniably still very her. She collaborated with Hip-Hop “it” producer Timbaland on this one as well as in a few other tracks in her album which, many describe as one of her most commercial records to date. Björk denied, however, that that was her intention in making the record and collaborating with Timbo.

The video’s awesome! Directed by Michel Ocelot, apparently a well-respected director/animator originally from Guinea (now lives in Paris). I looove the silhouette style, a la Indonesian Wayang Kulit! And Björk’s face in the background — very psychedelic. I like! The two styles while very different from each other worked so well in the video. Went excellently with the song as well. Definitely up there with Björk’s best music videos.

Her current single (after “Earth Intruders”) is “Innocence”. The video for which was chosen in a competition where fans and amateur directors participated. The fans got to vote for the winner as well. It’s nice. You can watch it here , together with the 10 other finalists.

Something to look forward to from Björk is the video for “Declare Independence”, possibly her third single from the album. It’s going to be directed by no less than the super duper genius Michel Gondry. Their first team-up after almost 10 years! (last one was “Bachelorette” in 1997) Can’t wait!