Legends: The Eraserheads Reunion Concert

Ely, Buddy, Marcus, Raimund — they are legends, no less. And they proved that tonight without much effort. The four of them up on stage with just their music is more than enough. As my friend Tonet put it, it was “surreal”.

I just got home from the concert and wow, what a night it was. got there at around three and immediately lined up for our VIP tags courtesy of Chino/Raimund/Jazz/Sony-BMG (thank you!). And then we got in and eagerly anticipated the magic minute to finally come. I was with Tonet, Marj and Van. We were already inside around 5pm i think and just sat there and talked. And then it was eight-pm. And nothing was happenning yet… until the countdown started, a 10-minute countdown. It was perfect. Best.Countdown.Ever. Haha.

5-4-3-2-1… and then the montage, and then… a familiar riff. It was Alapaap. Shivers man. And then the stage lit up and there they were, one band again.

May isang umaga, na tayo’y magsasama
Haya at halina sa alapaap
O, anong sarap… haaa…

Yeh. It was the best. Quite a definitive moment. It’s the first time i saw them performing together, ever. And it’s in this grandest of venues. Taena, napasa-alapaap talaga ako.

And then they went on to sing one Eraserheads classic after another… wow. And the one song i’ve been dying to hear them do in the concert, they got to perform — Sembreak. And i was happy. Tapos Kailan, tapos Kama Supra, tapos With A Smile, tapos Fruitcake (merry christmas!), tapos Hey Jay, tapos Toyang, tapos Kaliwete, tapos Huwag Kang Matakot, tapos Shake Yer Head, tapos Light Years, tapos Ligaya, tapos meron pa ba? Haha. Parang may nakalimutan ako. Ah alam ko na, Huwag Mo Nang Itanong.

Too bad the night had to be cut short, for very understandable reasons. Ely had to be rushed to the hospital because the “emotional and physical stress” that he’s been experiencing has, i guess, become too much already. If you haven’t heard yet, Ely’s mom just died last week so you could imagine how hard it must have been for him to go on with the concert. But he pushed on with it nevertheless. And i just have so much admiration for him for that, as well as for the rest of the band. Nung end ng first set, kita mo na medyo pagod na siya tsaka medyo nahihirapan pero tuluy-tuloy lang siya.

Kaya salamat. Salamat pa rin. Salamat sobra. I hope the band knows how much their fans appreciated the show. And i’m sure we’re all just one in hoping that Ely get better soon. And i love the Eraserheads. At salamat salamat SALAMAT sa inyo at sa inyong mga kanta.

Sana in the future may “isa pa”. Ituloy natin ‘to! Haha. Pero ngayon, magpakasawa muna tayo sa mga videos at recordings from the concert, i’m sure marami yan.


3 Responses to Legends: The Eraserheads Reunion Concert

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  2. Hip Hop News says:

    Wow, what a show!!

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