Born: 1985, Age: 32

I feel like I’ve aged 10 years… just this month.

Something’s different. I don’t know what. I DO feel different though. And people seem to be noticing.

Yesterday, someone commented… “Mukha ka nang mama!” (as in “para, mama!” not mama = mom)

Then today, someone said to me… “Wow, you’re all grown up. I’m so proud of you!” — referring to a career decision I just made — then following it up saying, “Ambilis ah! (mag-act on the decision) Akala ko matagal pa before mo gawin.  (something to that effect) ‘Di ka pa naman marrying age ah… wala ka namang biological clock!”

I don’t know. Weird…

Not that it’s bad. But is it good?

I’ve probably had too much Ginseng Coffee… and not enough Chico & Delamar.


6 Responses to Born: 1985, Age: 32

  1. ilayaonline says:

    di ka naman nagbago a… nagbago ka lang siguro ng gusto sa buhay. so para sakin, that’s good. but not enough chico and del is bad 🙂

  2. ice says:

    “I’m too cool for saturday nights” – Leo Valencia 01/26/08 Yun talaga yung nagpatanda sayo e.

  3. ice says:

    And no it’s not bad, just surprising.

  4. paranggago says:

    ilaya… onga onga. “morning rush” is like the fountain of youth… lovett.

    dam-dam… who you callin’ fatty!

    ice… i AM too cool for saturday nights. pfft! haha. at least i’m not on THAT side. hehe. joking!

  5. yoshke says:

    tumaba ka lang.


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