Haha! You guys watched American Idol tonight? Well if you didn’t, you probably missed the single most entertaining audition ever on Idol. Yes. EVER! And he’s Filipino — Renaldo Lapuz.

NOT the best singer, not by any means. But he was just so sincere with his audition and his song… he was a hit with the judges, and now, with the whole internet universe. Haha! I mean they’re selling merchandise off of his audition already… shirts, mugs, caps, etc.

Seriously, this guy’s gonna be huge! Bigger than Kelly or Carrie! Haha. Well, maybe not. But he sure PWNS William Hung!

Eto… be sure to watch the whole thing… as in hanggang dulo!

“I have a horrible feeling that’s gonna be a hit record…” – Simon Cowell


4 Responses to PG TV: BEST.AUDITION.EVER (And He’s Pinoy)

  1. yoshke says:

    hilarious!!! ah swear. he’s crazy.

  2. paranggago says:

    at in fairness natawa ko kay Paula… hahaha!!! “I am your brother… your best friend forever…”

  3. tish says:

    HAHAHA! that was funny! although nakakatawa yung auditions ng AI, i still prefer it pag nasa top 12 singers na. 😀

  4. bittergrace says:

    may kumakanta ng brother my brother kahapon sa abs. nakakatawa.

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