Sweeney… zzzzzzz… Todd

I fell asleep.

And no, not that I found the movie boring. It was actually really good… at least, judging from like the 40 minutes of it that I saw. Johnny-Helena-Tim is da sh*t! I really just couldn’t fight the urge to shut my eyes and doze off, as I didn’t get much sleep last night.

But hey, maybe it’s a blessing in disguise. ‘Cos the projection in that cinema was crappy… the sound too. Maybe that’s also why I couldn’t help sleeping. And I promised myself I’d watch this movie at a THX. So yeah. C’mon guys, let’s… G4!


6 Responses to Sweeney… zzzzzzz… Todd

  1. yoshke says:

    pinanood namin sa trinoma!!! astrid, andre at ako. LOOOVET.

    care for a shave?

  2. […] Sure Leo, it’s not your fault. I almost doze off too–but the flame of the human furnace and the flesh coming out of the grinder are enough to keep me awake. The bent realities of musicals are quite foreign in my senses–I seem not to enjoy them as much as other genres do but this is no time of singling out; westerns could be extremely boring at times too, not to mention guns ‘n horses–but Stephen Sondheim’s songs are terribly terrific. And it’s likely to hear dozens of moviegoers who just left the theatre humming “Not While I’m Around” or “Johanna” or “Pretty Women.” Just bear with them–the infection just spread. The most beautiful part for me is when Mrs. Lovett, in a beautiful scene outside of Fleet Street, tells Todd her fantasies, her dreams with him, where she would like to be with him–I gasped in awe–those are the few thaumaturgic moments in the film that reached its peak. And have you noticed Todd’s face? Priceless. When the film ends and Todd spills his blood to Lucy, I only thought of one thing which is not at all related to what I’m seeing: when I find time to have my beard shaved, if ever it grows long enough, I’ll make sure my barber won’t be singing. * * * […]

  3. paranggago says:

    see I didnt even get to the part where Mrs. Lovett was singing Todd “By the Sea”(?) the first time I saw it. and I agree, that was one great moment indeed! now that I’ve seen the movie in it’s entirety (haha), and at a THX at that, baby! (got my wish!) great great movie!

    after watching it, I was one of those you mentioned leaving the theatre with Sondheim’s songs stuck in my head.

    and oh… chills!… just chills when Todd slit his wife’s throat. ugh.

  4. bittergrace says:

    haha…oh well, baka you were really just tired rin. ganun talaga paminsan. sayang lang ang pera. mahal na ang cine ngayon. haha.

  5. paranggago says:

    oo nga sayang. haha 120 pesos yun! eh alam ko na medyo pagod nga ko nun kaso pinilit ko pa rin…

  6. bittergrace says:

    oh, it’s bad to pilit.

    ako, i slept through Before Sunrise and The Philadelphia Story the first time I watched it. pero nung 2nd time, nagustuhan ko na sila. As in sobra kong mahal ang Philadelphia Story ngayon. so talagang depende sa mood rin.

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