PG SPINS: Björk’s “Declare Independence”

Wohooow! It’s out at last… Björk’s music video for her new single “Declare Independence” from Volta. Been looking forward to this. It’s directed by Michel Gondry no less! Their first team-up in years! This was supposed to be the 2nd single but they didn’t get to finish the video on time, so they went with “Innocence” first, the video of which was fan-made and was chosen in a contest.

Just a little background on the song. It was originally an instrumental piece by Mark Bell, and Björk just added her vocals over it. Her lyrics are dedicated to Greenland and Faeroe Islands, both autonomous regions of Denmark. In the video, you could actually see Björk wearing the flag of Greenland on her arm. 

Talk about vision! Certainly didn’t disappoint.


One Response to PG SPINS: Björk’s “Declare Independence”

  1. kizay says:

    wow. astig.

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