PG TV: Courtney + China = Crayzeh!


Welcome to the pilot issue of PG TV’s “Reality Moment of the Day”! Haha! Because this season’s shaping up to becoming one of the best in the reality genre in a long time, I’m gonna start posting great entertaining moments from my favorite shows in here. I originally thought of doing it weekly, but there’s just so many great moments so far already that, you know, I didn’t think it would be enough. Hehe.

CLIP: Now on it’s 15th season, Survivor: China doesn’t seem to be losing it at all. This edition so far has proved to be both exciting and entertaining, and is arguably one of the best seasons Survivor’s had post-Pearl Islands (season 7).

Featured in the clip are choice confessionals from Survivor castaway Courtney, probably this season’s most controversial and talked about player mainly because of her weight (or lack thereof). But as they say, big things come in small packages and that is especially true here in this case. This castaway may be tiny, but she definitely ain’t no pushover. She speaks her mind out and is mostly entertaining and funny when she does so.


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