Is It So Bad…

November 27, 2007

If I actually buy the Spice Girls’ Greatest Hits album? Aargh… may DVD kasi ng lahat ng videos nila eh! Cool kaya nun.

Swear, tuwing napapadaan ako sa mall naiisip kong bumili. Pero medyo nkakahiya rin eh. Haha! Magpapabili na lang ako sa pinsan ko para ‘di halata. Wehehe!

Anyway guys, check this out… their first public performance together since they reunited. Cute!



November 25, 2007


– My sister got married. Beautiful beautiful ceremony and reception. I was in tears while she was walking down the aisle. She chose “Moon River” as her song. It was magical — they played an orchestral version for the entourage and a choral version for the bride. The reception was amazing as well. Then she moved out of the house the next day. A bittersweet moment that was. The house is a bit more silent now but I’m really happy for them.

– My other sister gave birth… they brought home her baby just now. Baby Yesha! I’m sure she’ll help liven the house up a lot. It’s exciting. It IS so true what they say that a woman is at her most beautiful after giving birth. Seeing the baby was great, but it was seeing my sister after she gave birth that really moved me to tears.

– Reconnected with my brother and saw my pamangkin baby Ely for the first time. Remember I asked you guys to help pray for his survival after birth? GOD is really good and answered all our prayers. He’s really healthy now, and might I add… amazingly handsome (like me!). Got to spend time with Trixie as well! My other pamangkin sa kuya ko. Coolness!

Bittersweet — in a word, that’s how everything was. Sad because of course, I won’t get to be around my sisters that much anymore. And I’m really really close to them so it’s hard. But in a way, it’s good ‘cos it helps me move forward. Grow up more. Not be too dependent I guess. All my siblings have families now and so naturally that would be their  focus. It’s easy to see it as losing family, but I’ve learned to see it as otherwise. I know I’m sounding kinda selfish, but it IS hard especially for a bunso. Haha. Plus I’m the only one left without my ownm so I hope you see why I probably feel left out and alone.

Anyway, I know I’ll get used to everything soon enough. And I’m hoping things go well for everyone. Long as ebribadis happy, I’m happy.

Parang Sinigang na Bangus na may Baboy (A Dinner Conversation)

November 13, 2007

Leo: Nakita ko si ate Ann kanina. Tas sasabihin ko sana ‘yung tungkol sa wedding mo kaso naisip ko… “nako, baka hindi siya ininvite ni ate”.
Leng: Oo nga eh di ko na siya na-invite.
Leo: Si ate Kathy ba ininvite mo?
Leng: Hindi rin.
Leo: Sa bagay, di ka rin naman niya ininvite sa wedding niya.
Leng: Kasal na si Kathy?!
Leo: Ay hindi pa ba?
Leng: Ang alam ko hindi.
Leo: Eh ano ‘yun nagka-baby lang siya?
Leng: Nabuntis si Kathy!?
Leo: Ay hindi ba?
Leng: Tumaba lang siya. Kasi nagka-problema siya Thyroid.
Leo: Ah parang ‘yung sakit mo…
Leng: Hindi. Iba. Hypothyroid ‘yung sa ‘kin. Kabaliktaran.
Leo: Ha? Eh bakit ka tumaba?
Leng: Gumaling ako.

When In Doubt…

November 13, 2007

When in doubt… restart.

If doubt remains… let it rest.

If doubt’s still there… then there’s probably a good reason why.

No Hugging Please

November 8, 2007

Hug Ban video

US Schools Enforce Hug Ban [follow link to watch news clip]

Nako kung tayo ‘yan, na-expel na siguro tayong lahat. Haha! This is really stupid though. If they want their students to stop making public displays of affection in school, fine. But sometimes a hug can also just be an innocent gesture to a friend. And punishing even that is crazy. It’s beyond crazy. It’s inhumane!

Take for example the case of that student who was punished because she was comforting a friend who lost a family member. Ano ‘yun, bawal? Labo mehn.

“Our House… In The Middle Of Our Street…”

November 4, 2007

You remember this song by Madness?

[click for song]

When I was young I used to like this song a lot. I really related to the lyrics cos, well… just like in the song, our house was in the middle of our street.

So as our house was in the middle of our street, our street in my mind has always been divided into two: the left side and the right. I always see the left side because that’s my direction when I’m going out of our subdivision. So I’m very familiar with the houses in that side… renovations, new plants, new pets, new cars, new faces, balikbayans, et cetera et cetera. The right side however, I don’t usually get to see unless I would go to a friend’s house in that part. So in my mind, the right side has always remained the same as I remember it from the last time I saw it.

Kanina, hinatid ako ng tsikot ni Virgie. We dropped another friend off somewhere else in our subdivision first so we followed a different route than what we usually take. That route required us to enter our street from the right side. And man, when I saw how the houses there looked now… I almost didn’t recognize them! As in at one point I was thinking we made a wrong turn. They were sooo different. And then our house came. And then I realized how much of a recluse I’ve been here in our neighborhood. Ahhh!

Kelangan kong tumambay sa labas. Haha! Patintero!

And oh, another thing I learned about myself today. I never realized how competitive I can be when I let myself be competitive. SOBRA!! Haha. Patintero!

PG SPINS: Björk’s “Earth Intruders”

November 1, 2007

In celebration of our freshly-installed DSL beybeh! I give you… the one, the only… Björk! With one of her latest videos, “Earth Intruders”.

“Earth Intruders” is the first single of Björk’s  latest album Volta. Uber love the song. The sound is a bit different from what she usually puts out, but it’s undeniably still very her. She collaborated with Hip-Hop “it” producer Timbaland on this one as well as in a few other tracks in her album which, many describe as one of her most commercial records to date. Björk denied, however, that that was her intention in making the record and collaborating with Timbo.

The video’s awesome! Directed by Michel Ocelot, apparently a well-respected director/animator originally from Guinea (now lives in Paris). I looove the silhouette style, a la Indonesian Wayang Kulit! And Björk’s face in the background — very psychedelic. I like! The two styles while very different from each other worked so well in the video. Went excellently with the song as well. Definitely up there with Björk’s best music videos.

Her current single (after “Earth Intruders”) is “Innocence”. The video for which was chosen in a competition where fans and amateur directors participated. The fans got to vote for the winner as well. It’s nice. You can watch it here , together with the 10 other finalists.

Something to look forward to from Björk is the video for “Declare Independence”, possibly her third single from the album. It’s going to be directed by no less than the super duper genius Michel Gondry. Their first team-up after almost 10 years! (last one was “Bachelorette” in 1997) Can’t wait!