“Little Sunny Water, Sleeping in the Corner…”

“… wake up, wake up, wash your face, and do that bumble-shake!”

Okay. So I think I’ve figured out why I’ve been miserable these past few days — I sleep too much. Yep, I think so. I wake up too late in the day. So even if I want to do something, I can’t anymore. First cos it’s especially hot in the afternoon. Second cos it’s just so hard to pick my butt up in the middle of the day when half of it (the day) is gone already. And so I feel like any effort I would exert would just be a waste since I won’t get to maximize it anymore. Makes sense? All for efficiency! But then see what happens is I actually end up wasting my day even more because I don’t get to do ANYTHING at all! And that’s what’s frustrating.

My problem now is that my body clock has totally shifted. It’s all messed up! My system just goes on and on until around 2 or 3am, which is already a very late time to sleep if I want to start my day early. Like right now for example, I have an early call time later (8am) but I still can’t force myself to sleep. It’s 1:30am and I’m still blogging! Geez…

So what I try to do is to just push a little extra in the morning. Coerce myself to actually wake up when the alarm goes off and not press the “snooze” button. Ya know, start by dragging a leg off the bed and hopefully the rest of my body follows. But man, is it so much more harder than ever to do that now that I’ve gotten used to almost 2 months of waking up in time for lunch. Argh! But I’m gonna do it. One limb at a time. And hopefully, this gets me back on track.

Yep. Bumble-shakin’ goodness!


4 Responses to “Little Sunny Water, Sleeping in the Corner…”

  1. apol says:

    pfft. ansaya ng problema mo.

    sleep? ano yun? haha.

  2. Leo says:

    haha. kasi wala kong ginagawa sa buhay kaya andaming panahong matulog. kaya nga dapat baguhin! ahaha..

  3. kizay says:

    HAHAHA… positive thinking ah… hahahah…

  4. 007 says:

    kainggit naman… kung pwede lang mahingi ang tulog… isang sako ililimos ko… 🙂

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