Jenny Saves the Day

Saturday night. As I was walking along the streets of Makati after I’ve just gotten off from work, I was pondering at how useless and wasted my day was. Like it was all mapped out in my head, how the day was supposed to be like. And it was good. But things just didn’t go my way, and everything just went wrong. I was feeling bad cos I felt like I had every chance to turn that day around and do something more productive, but I didn’t. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid! So I was really down and depressed, and thought nothing could possibly salvage that day from the dumps.

Then I reached Greenbelt and I felt even worse seeing all these people seemingly so happy at the mall, hangin with their friends, having lots and lotsa moolah to spend… ugh! I knew it was kinda superficial. But not really. Cos the point is, they’re happy… and I wasn’t.

That was until I made my way out into Greenbelt’s activity area. Didn’t really know what was happening but there sure were a lot of people there. Seemed like a concert. Then I heard someone onstage intro a song… and then they started playing. I heard the first few bars of the song, and then OMFG! It dawned on me, it was Click Five! And they were doing “Jenny”! (“they’re DOING Jenny”… haha. perv-brain!) Might seem shallow, but somehow I suddenly felt okay. It felt like the world conspired to bring even just a tiny tinge of happiness and comfort to my day… like it’s telling me that it’s okay. I mean, “Jenny” is not even a favorite song (though I really really like it a lot), nor am I a huge fan of Click Five. The timing was just perfect. I come out the door and right then they start playing (incidentally their last song). So I joined in on the singing and bangin’ to the music. Fun fun FUN! It was GREAT!


Now if I could just find my life its own “Jenny”… help me save my every day, then that would be awesome! Nyahaa…

“You leave me hangin’ on the line,
Everytime you change your mind…
First you say you won’t, then you say you will.
You keep me hangin’ on, and we’re not movin’ on.
We’re standing still Jenny…
You got me on my knees.
Jenny… it’s killin’ me.”

This song is catchy as hell. Power pop rocks!


6 Responses to Jenny Saves the Day

  1. bittergrace says:

    haha, buti ka pa saved by music. Ako, I was riding a bus nung Sunday and my mood got worse and worse as the radio played every song I absolutely hate from Hale, to Cueshe, to SixCycle Mind. Grabe, bus ride from hell. haha, owel.

  2. Leo says:

    Haha. Nako kumusta naman na talagang sunud-sunod na Pogi ROCK! haha. Naiimagine ko yung progression ng mood mo. Reminds me of that .gif na pinost mo sa blog mo… yung nainis sa PC at dumugo-dugo pa!

  3. 007 says:

    ayan sabi ko kase kita tau eh… nood sana tau resident evil 3 nung weekend. at di ko pa rin cya napapanood… super busy with work… and its extra curricular activities… huhuhu

    nood tau!!!!!!!! 🙂

  4. dohnalicious says:

    at ang click five cd, pakalat-kalat lang sa class last monday. wala lang.

  5. shinjishinji says:

    The Click Five used to be Beatles wannabes diba? Tas ngayon, emo kids na sila. Wow!

  6. Leo says:

    Haha! I wouldnt know. Ngayon ko lang sila nakadaupang-palad eh! Wehehe…

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