“A DAHADA” at End Frame Video Art Project II


year: 2005/2007
director: Leo Valencia

Try and concentrate.

Right in our everyday, pieces of technology prevent us from doing so.

“A Dahada” is a short experimental video that explores the correlation between technology and attention deficit among its users. Television — the foremost culprit — is used here as the main visual: a simulated TV-screen awkwardly split in two, each with varying images, but still keeping the congruence of the screen’s pixels. The video tries to hint at the irony that despite the Television being a medium supposedly to make its users pay attention, it actually causes otherwise — they lose their ability to pay attention.


The video has been selected to be part of End Frame Video Art Project II: Daily Disclosures which will be held from October 12-16, 2007 at the Shangri-la Plaza Mall. It’s an exhibition of video artworks from visual artists and experimental filmmakers in the country. The opening will be on the Oct. 12 (Friday), 7pm at The Fifth (5F, area fronting Bench). So if you guys happen to pass by the area during the course of the project, please do stop by! C’mon, happy times! It will just be there in exhibition the whole time.

And if you haven’t noticed yet, this video is where I actually made my banner from. Hehe! I uploaded an older version of it on YouTube a while back but I took it down already. The version included in End Frame is an updated 2007 version. Nyaha! It’s basically the same though. I just trimmed it down and enhanced it a bit. So that’s it, hope to see ya guys there. Text niyo ‘ko!

Also look out for Dohna‘s “Bleed” and Mimay‘s “Tagulaylay” in the official selection.


4 Responses to “A DAHADA” at End Frame Video Art Project II

  1. kizay says:

    haha. naalala ko to.expe days with sir lyle. galing. ^_^

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