Tanong Lang…

October 31, 2007

(tanong din ‘to ni AYN one time nung nag-usap kami minsan…)

Ano nga ba ang tawag sa lalaking “kabit”? Kung sa babae ay mistress, sa lalake ay ano?

Nabagabag ako bigla eh.


“Little Sunny Water, Sleeping in the Corner…”

October 18, 2007

“… wake up, wake up, wash your face, and do that bumble-shake!”

Okay. So I think I’ve figured out why I’ve been miserable these past few days — I sleep too much. Yep, I think so. I wake up too late in the day. So even if I want to do something, I can’t anymore. First cos it’s especially hot in the afternoon. Second cos it’s just so hard to pick my butt up in the middle of the day when half of it (the day) is gone already. And so I feel like any effort I would exert would just be a waste since I won’t get to maximize it anymore. Makes sense? All for efficiency! But then see what happens is I actually end up wasting my day even more because I don’t get to do ANYTHING at all! And that’s what’s frustrating.

My problem now is that my body clock has totally shifted. It’s all messed up! My system just goes on and on until around 2 or 3am, which is already a very late time to sleep if I want to start my day early. Like right now for example, I have an early call time later (8am) but I still can’t force myself to sleep. It’s 1:30am and I’m still blogging! Geez…

So what I try to do is to just push a little extra in the morning. Coerce myself to actually wake up when the alarm goes off and not press the “snooze” button. Ya know, start by dragging a leg off the bed and hopefully the rest of my body follows. But man, is it so much more harder than ever to do that now that I’ve gotten used to almost 2 months of waking up in time for lunch. Argh! But I’m gonna do it. One limb at a time. And hopefully, this gets me back on track.

Yep. Bumble-shakin’ goodness!

Jenny Saves the Day

October 15, 2007

Saturday night. As I was walking along the streets of Makati after I’ve just gotten off from work, I was pondering at how useless and wasted my day was. Like it was all mapped out in my head, how the day was supposed to be like. And it was good. But things just didn’t go my way, and everything just went wrong. I was feeling bad cos I felt like I had every chance to turn that day around and do something more productive, but I didn’t. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid! So I was really down and depressed, and thought nothing could possibly salvage that day from the dumps.

Then I reached Greenbelt and I felt even worse seeing all these people seemingly so happy at the mall, hangin with their friends, having lots and lotsa moolah to spend… ugh! I knew it was kinda superficial. But not really. Cos the point is, they’re happy… and I wasn’t.

That was until I made my way out into Greenbelt’s activity area. Didn’t really know what was happening but there sure were a lot of people there. Seemed like a concert. Then I heard someone onstage intro a song… and then they started playing. I heard the first few bars of the song, and then OMFG! It dawned on me, it was Click Five! And they were doing “Jenny”! (“they’re DOING Jenny”… haha. perv-brain!) Might seem shallow, but somehow I suddenly felt okay. It felt like the world conspired to bring even just a tiny tinge of happiness and comfort to my day… like it’s telling me that it’s okay. I mean, “Jenny” is not even a favorite song (though I really really like it a lot), nor am I a huge fan of Click Five. The timing was just perfect. I come out the door and right then they start playing (incidentally their last song). So I joined in on the singing and bangin’ to the music. Fun fun FUN! It was GREAT!


Now if I could just find my life its own “Jenny”… help me save my every day, then that would be awesome! Nyahaa…

“You leave me hangin’ on the line,
Everytime you change your mind…
First you say you won’t, then you say you will.
You keep me hangin’ on, and we’re not movin’ on.
We’re standing still Jenny…
You got me on my knees.
Jenny… it’s killin’ me.”

This song is catchy as hell. Power pop rocks!

Cinemalaya 2008 Semifinalists

October 11, 2007

Here are the 25 finalists vying for a spot at next year’s Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival:

“100” – Chris Martinez
“Abalorio” – Norman S. Regalado
“Ang Tagabasa” – Dale Custodio 
“Antiparang Basag” – Edith Asuncion
“Asan na nga ba si Tupe?” – Carlo F. C. Castro
“Baby Angelo” – Joel Ruiz / Abi Aquino
“Bakal Boys” – Ralston Jover
“Bantay” – Marinette Lusanta 
“Biyaheng Norte” – Bong Ramos
“Brutus” – Tara Illenberger
“Frames” – Enrico Aragon
“Huling Pasada” – Paul Sta. Ana
“Jay” – Francis Xavier E. Pasion
“KAHOS: The Purge” – Boyette Rimban
“Konsyerto sa Kagubatan” – Paul Y. Morales
“Kristo” – Jerwin D. Espiritu
“My Fake American Accent” – Onnah Valera
“Namets (Yummy)” – Jay Abello
“Ranchero” – Michael Christian Cardoz
“Sa Ilalim Ng Aratiles” – Pam Miras
“The Gift of a Smile” – Emmanuel dela Cruz
“The Thank-You Girls” – Charliebebs Gohetia
“Tinig Sa Dilim” – Ellen Ongkeko-Marfil / Froi Medina
“Tres Marias (1)” – Liza Cornejo
“UPCAT” – Roman Carlo Olivarez

Congratulations to all those who qualified, especially to Bebs, Jerwin and Maikel! Galing niyo guys! Hope you all qualify as finalists. Siyempre crew ako if ever ah. Hehe!

At *ehem*… astig UP Cinema!!!

“A DAHADA” at End Frame Video Art Project II

October 8, 2007


year: 2005/2007
director: Leo Valencia

Try and concentrate.

Right in our everyday, pieces of technology prevent us from doing so.

“A Dahada” is a short experimental video that explores the correlation between technology and attention deficit among its users. Television — the foremost culprit — is used here as the main visual: a simulated TV-screen awkwardly split in two, each with varying images, but still keeping the congruence of the screen’s pixels. The video tries to hint at the irony that despite the Television being a medium supposedly to make its users pay attention, it actually causes otherwise — they lose their ability to pay attention.


The video has been selected to be part of End Frame Video Art Project II: Daily Disclosures which will be held from October 12-16, 2007 at the Shangri-la Plaza Mall. It’s an exhibition of video artworks from visual artists and experimental filmmakers in the country. The opening will be on the Oct. 12 (Friday), 7pm at The Fifth (5F, area fronting Bench). So if you guys happen to pass by the area during the course of the project, please do stop by! C’mon, happy times! It will just be there in exhibition the whole time.

And if you haven’t noticed yet, this video is where I actually made my banner from. Hehe! I uploaded an older version of it on YouTube a while back but I took it down already. The version included in End Frame is an updated 2007 version. Nyaha! It’s basically the same though. I just trimmed it down and enhanced it a bit. So that’s it, hope to see ya guys there. Text niyo ‘ko!

Also look out for Dohna‘s “Bleed” and Mimay‘s “Tagulaylay” in the official selection.

F*** Desperate Housewives! Never Liked That Show Anyway…

October 5, 2007

Joke… I actually like the show. Pero shet sila!

Make fun of us for our many idiosyncracies — fine. But to slaughter our integrity like that, especially of our medical professionals, is just foul. I’m one with all the Filipino nurses, doctors, medical practitioners not just in America but all over the world in condemning the show’s producers and writers for this unfortunate show of insensitivity and discrimination.

ABC Studios and the show’s producers have just issued a statement:

“We offer our sincere apologies for any offense caused by the brief reference in the season premiere. There was no intent to disparage the integrity of any aspect of the medical community in the Philippines.

REALLY NOW! And I quote…

“Okay, before we go any further, can I check those diplomas? Because I would just like to make sure they are not from some med school in the Philippines.” – Susan (Teri Hatcher’s character on DH)

Press DEL to Enter Setup

October 5, 2007

Reformatted my PC three times in the last month already. Ambobo. Click kasi ng click ng kung anu-ano.

(sigh) Can’t help but feel like my PC’s a reflection of me. No matter how I try and try to clean my act up… I end up going back to my same old habits. Falling into the same traps. Ngaks.

Yeah, so I just finished reformatting AGAIN… and I hope this time it sticks.