A Girl’s Guide to 21st Century Sex

I don’t know if you guys have heard of it. It’s a TV-documentary series shown in the UK late last year, focused on… well… I guess educating women about sex. It was so controversial though because the show was very graphic and touched on topics that would actually fall within the bounds of obscenity. It had segments on sex positions, the g-spot, penis enlargement, swinging, anal sex and even sex among handicapped and overweight people. Imagine that on network TV! Whoa. They even had a segment about sex in public toilets!

So there, I heard about it through my boss who offered to show us some episodes kanina. Taena. Graphic kung graphic! And they were uncensored! It was pretty amusing than arousing though. There was this one segment where they attached cameras to both the penis and the vagina (as in, sa loob!), and they showed like the actual penetration up-close. As in XCU! They even showed the actual point of ejaculation! Inside the girl’s um, yeah! Waah… think of it as penis’-eye view or vagina’s-eye view. Haha! Weird seeing it like that.

Of course when it aired in the UK, a lot of people complained. Of course. I’ve seen it, and I myself think that it’s inappropriate for network TV. I know they’re pretty liberal there in Europe when it comes to these things and all, but even taking that into consideration… the show still pretty much crosses the line for me. However… amazingly… the country’s regulating board thought otherwise. According to them (quoting Wikipedia):

“OFCOM ruled that there was no rule banning the showing of genuine sexual acts on free-to-air television, and that ‘in [their] view the portrayal of sex in this programme genuinely sought to inform and educate’, concluding that ‘whilst the visuals were explicit at times, nothing was transmitted in a manner that could be construed as having the potential to harm people under the age of eighteen’, particularly given its context as a serious factual programme, and as such it was ruled that the episodes were not in breach of any broadcasting regulations.”

Fine then! Haha.


17 Responses to A Girl’s Guide to 21st Century Sex

  1. apol says:

    tsktsk. si sir mao talaga o. nireco rin nya to kay doc e. haha.

  2. tish says:

    hahaha. intriguing! i wanna watch tuloy. pero feeling ko baka macclose ko lang rin eyes ko. hehehe.

  3. paranggago says:

    APOL… haha. ayos nga eh. over a cup of hot milo at peanut butter pan de sal! cmon! hahaha.

    TISH… watch it! hehe. really REALLY interesting. as in… sex in a whole new point-of-view — literally. hahaha.

  4. kizay says:

    haha. sige sige. na-curios ako. may kopya ka???^_^

  5. dohnalicious says:

    natawa ako sa penis/vagina eye view. ok saint paul girls, meron pa pala tayong bagong shot. hahaha. 😀

  6. shinjishinji says:

    HOOOT! San pwedeng idownload? Mwahahahah!

  7. paranggago says:

    KZ… wala ko kopya eh. pero balak ko nga sanang kopyahin sa boss ko. haha. bubuwelo pa. hahaha.

    DOHNA… cmon! after the music video fiasco… teacher of the year ang dating mo ngayon nyan. hahaha. i can imagine the faces of your girls pag napanood nila… “miiissss!”

    SHINJI… sa mga torrents yan meron! hahaha. astig talaga, panoorin mo! wahaaa…

  8. kizay says:

    HAHA. huwag nang magbalak. kopyahin mo na for more sharing diba. ^_^

  9. cheenee says:


    penis’ eye view!? shet! hahaha! ano ba yan.. wala nang excitement for the real thing kasi nilabas at NILOOB na lahat. haha 😛

  10. bambam says:

    woot! liberal kung liberal. i like it. san mo napanood? penge link!

  11. 307bodycount says:

    hahaha… gusto ko makita yung mga subjects nung sinabihin sila…

    DIRECTOR: “Okay we’re going to place cameras in your hoo-has and just screw away! Go wild! Be intense!”

    SUBJECTS: “Err… okay?”



  12. bulele says:

    i have watched the whole 8 episodes.. its really educating,.. 🙂 graphic nga kung graphic pero sobrang dami mong matutnan ! and guys if I were you I woudn’t want to marry a Thai woman, kasi they have the tendency to cut off your penis, as in! hehe

    you can view this through http://www.veoh.com. just type sex guide then click on the series tab and voila! 🙂 enjoy watching!

  13. paranggago says:

    BULELE… astig! haha. at yak, nakita ko nga yung guy na pinutulan tapos naging porn star eventually. hahaha.

    FRANCIS… haha weird siguro ng shoot nun no? wahaha.. ayos. may mga wires wires..

    BAM… ayan, binigyan ka na ng link ni Bulele. I checked.. legit naman, ndi spam. haha!

    CHEENEE… hahahaha oo nga. wala na talaga para sa imahenasyon!

  14. ski..Net says:

    hhhh , its old now , more than 2 years … but its something really WHOA ..
    but it needed for happy nights

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  16. dumichau says:

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  17. scam says:

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