Fighting Tiger, Flying Dragon

Survivor‘s back and their going to China! And it’s just two days away. Hwapak!


I’m super curious to see how the Chinese culture will be incorporated into the show. Already, the press release photo of this season’s Tribal Council has me so excited! It’s a replica of a traditional Chinese Temple. [for a complete tour of the Tribal Council – click here] Also, how the game starts this time around is gonna be different. They will be caught off-guard as they will be transported straight to be marooned just after landing in, and experiencing the hustle and bustle of modern downtown Shanghai. And of course, they’ll be left with just the clothes on their backs. Funny one of the castaways, Ashley Massaro (WWE Diva), was stranded in her knee-high boots and fishnet stockings! That should be a good Survivor moment. Haha.

Speaking of the castaways, the show goes back to just having 16 (like in the early seasons), which I think is great ‘cos it’d be much easier to get-to-know each one of the contestants. They’re divided into two tribes: Fei Long (Flying Dragon) and Zhan Hu (Fighting Tiger).


FEI LONG [L to R]: Todd, Leslie, James, Denise, Courtney, Jean-Robert, Amanda, Aaron


ZHAN HU [L to R]: Steve (“Chicken”), Ashley, Dave, Erik, Jaime, Mike (“Frosti”), Peih-Gee, Sherea

Just based on profiles, potentially interesting castaways include Jean-Robert, a professional poker player; Frosti, the youngest person the show’s ever had (20 y.o.); Leslie, a christian radio talk show host; Todd, a huge Survivor fan; and as I have mentioned earlier Ashley, the WWE pro wrestler.

According to host Jeff Probst, this season is gonna be really different. For one, the castaways were given Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” at the start of the season. And according to him, some players actually refer to it later on in the game. There also will still be Hidden Immunity Idols in each camp, and this time around they’re supposedly just gonna be right under their noses. On the other hand, the show’s giving Exile Island a rest this time around. Instead, winning tribes will be given a chance to kidnap a member from the opposing tribe. Interesting how this could change the dynamics of the game. I want spying Sandra and Tijuana style! Classic. Haha. Hope we get to see something similar from this batch of million-dollar hopefuls.

Anyway, I’m really reaally excited! Survivor: China premieres on Crime/Suspense this Friday at 2PM. With replays all throughout the week. For those who don’t get the channel though, don’t ya guys worry. RPN is going to have primetime telecasts at 7pm same day. So everybody happy! Yebah!

Let’s all Survivor together once again! And oh Bebs, pa-kopya ng Survivor: Fiji!


13 Responses to Fighting Tiger, Flying Dragon

  1. dam-dam says:

    waaaaaaaah.. i was bout to blog some survivor thingy kanina.. buwhah. inunahan moko..

    todd is hot!!! mormon and gay. buwhahah. lovet. i like ashley too.

    oh, yes. survivor fiji…

    pakshet, lilipad pala ako ng batanes whole october.. diko mapapanood to.. waaaaaaaaahh….

    friday na to shitzy!!!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  2. chard says:

    huwaw, lilipad ng batanes! a very adolf alix now! a very alipin!

  3. paranggago says:

    bukas na nga yan!!! waaaaaaaaaaa… haha. i knew you would be fond of the gay mormon. haha.

    oy bago ka lumipad, paulanan mo ko ng FIJI!!! pasalubong din!!! damo galing Batanes!!!

    goodluck sa yo at kay Vanness Wu!

  4. paranggago says:

    update lang sa sched ng Survivor: China

    on C/S
    Friday, 3:00 PM
    Saturday, 10:00 PM
    Sunday, 6:00 AM
    Wednesday, 12:00 AM
    Wednesday, 8:00 PM
    Thursday, 4:00 PM

    on RPN
    Friday, 7:00 PM

  5. 007 says:

    ashley sa survivor? huwaw. makapanood na nga. hahaha joke. 🙂

  6. paranggago says:

    LEX… haha. oo nga. ikaw nga pala adik sa wrestling. ayan, manood ka!

  7. kizay says:

    Grabe. Adik ka na naman Leo ha.

  8. yoshke says:

    wala na talagang dating saken ang survivor.

    AMAZING RACE na lang. kaso next spring pa. ehehe.

  9. paranggago says:

    Haha umalis ka rito. Survivor zone to eh. 😛

    Maghintay ka next year para sa show mo. Wak mo guluhin SURVIVOR!

    As usual nanalo na naman Amazing Race sa Emmy’s. Pfft. Old farts. Mas maganda pa TAR Asia eh. Hehe. Project Runway shoulda won. Or Top Chef.

  10. yoshke says:

    WHAT!?!?!?! uh, such cruel words. The Academy is on my side. God forgive Lei, he doesnt know what he’s saying. Forgive his blindness. Forgive his being-a-fan-of-the-wrong-show. uh. Wuy, joke lang ha. hihi.

  11. dam-dam says:

    hmf. kainis. not one ep ang napapanood ko. kainis.

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