On the Set of “The Echo”

Yeah I was bummed my girl Katharine McPhee didn’t get that role in “The Echo” — the Hollywood remake of Yam Laranas’ “Sigaw”. But I’m over it. Wahaha…! I’m glad at least, that she lost the part out to our homegirl Iza Calzado. Great actress very much deserving of that Hollywood break. She’s so much better than those movies they make her do here… *cough* “Ouija” *cough*.


So they’re currently shooting the movie in Toronto right now, and there’s an article on the Inquirer today about it. BTW, Yam Laranas is directing the Hollywood version as well. Pinoy pride! Woohoo… \m/ Here are interesting excerpts from that article by Mr. Ruben Nepales

“The first thing that Iza blurted out when we inquired how different it was to make a film here was, ‘Everyone has a copy of the script. And the script is so detailed; it even [indicates] the time when people are needed on the set. Everything is so organized.’ … (And) since there are people who take care of her costume, make-up, etcetera, the actress said, ‘I only need to bring myself.'”

“Another difference, she cited, was the work schedule of 12 hours each week day, with a one-hour lunch break. ‘Sagrado ‘yan,’ she said of the strictly observed hours. ‘And there are less people on the set…'”


To learn more about “The Echo”, check out Yam’s (close? haha) blog. All of the photos I used here are from there.


5 Responses to On the Set of “The Echo”

  1. bittergrace says:

    haaay…may budget kasi sila to afford 12-hour work days. sa atin, you’re lucky kung 24-hours lang work day mo sa shoot. owel.

  2. yoshke says:

    i loooooooove iza.

  3. shinjishinji says:

    I’ve been reading his blog since… ewan. Basta. ang sarap basahin eh. Hahaha! ZOMG! Happy birthday to your brother? Tama ba? And watch Sicko! Alavet!

    tanginang post prod to. Mamamatay ako sa color grading. Howell. Matutulog muna ako.

  4. paranggago says:

    SHINJI… uy, may color grading epek! astig. yaka yan! puyatan mode. haha. eh di ba may party ka pang pupuntahan? haha. lagare!

    AYN… hay oo nga. kung puede lang yung ganung buhay dito eh. nako minsan 24++ hours pa. haha. kung magreklamo ko kala mo naman nakakasama ko sa mga movie shoots na ganyan. hehe.

    ES… i loooooooove kat. hehehe. 😀

  5. kizay says:

    Ang saya. Nabasa ko to sa inquirer eh. Kumusta naman ang 12 hours per shooting day????!!!!

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