“On the Verge of Something Wonderful”

 “When you let me go, when I’m on my way
When the world below is cold and grey
On the verge of, on the verge of something wonderful…

You can dance in the devil’s shoes
if you like walking in heels,
There’s a decent living to be made
in the selling out of ideals”

I started with this song… the first single off Darren Hayes’ new solo release. I liked it so much, I downloaded the 24 other tracks. And I’m a dial-up user (I know, I know…) so that’s saying a lot.

this delicate thing we've made

The recently-released album is entitled “This Delicate Thing We’ve Made”, and it is Darren’s third album post-Savage Garden. I’ve listened to the whole thing 3 or 4 times already and my opinion of the album hasn’t waned since first listen. It’s nothing short of pop music genius! With 25 tracks all-in-all in a 2-disc set, it might seem overindulgent. But just one listen to the entire record and you’ll find that the length’s very much justified. There’s not one throw-away track in this whole set. And Darren pulls-off exploring a lot of different musical styles in his songs while keeping the album cohesive.

It’s basically pop-rock-electronica… Savage Garden meets William Orbit meets U2, and it just works so well. I admire the wise use of synth sounds, as they don’t overwhelm, and are usually countered by real instrumentation (mostly strings) effectively. Astig! The combination is awesome — ambient and cinematic. Really unique but still very accessible. And if you’ve missed Savage Garden and their music… the songwriting here is also reminiscent of that. Matter of fact, a lot of the songs from this album sound like they could’ve well been part of Savage’s “Affirmation”. Think along the lines of “Crash and Burn” and “Hold Me”. Yeah!

Standout tracks: “On the Verge of Something Wonderful”, “Who Would Have Thought”, “Casey”, “Sing To Me”, “The Tuning of Violins”, “How To Build a Time Machine”, “Waking the Monster”, “The Sun is Always Blinding Me”, “A Conversation with God” … Sige ‘yan na muna. Dami pa sana pero ayos na yan for the purpose. Haha.

And girls, I know a lot of you are still holding some sort of animosity towards Darren for turning queer on y’all’s fantasies, but give it a chance. Haha. The guy’s really talented and that’s very apparent here. At P.S.: Astig din ng cover art!


5 Responses to “On the Verge of Something Wonderful”

  1. shinjishinji says:

    Pop-Rock electronica? Wow naman!

  2. yoshke says:

    the cover art is queer, aryt.

  3. paranggago says:

    YOSHKE… how is it queer?

  4. yoshke says:

    the “D” in Darren Hayes. isnt it queer enough for you? hahahaha

  5. paranggago says:

    ah oo nga no. hahaha!

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