An Awful Lot of Nothing

It’s my first post from outside the house. Haha. I wasn’t planning to do this but since I’m here, done with what I was supposed to do, and don’t wanna waste the hour of internet I paid for, I’ll just write an entry. What about? Let’ s see…

It’s 11:46 in the morning. I just took a short break from training to run an errand for myself. Haha. Ano raw? Anyway, today was probably the earliest I had to go out (of the house) in recent times. My schedule was originally not until 2pm but at the last minute they decided to call me in at 9am. Normally, I would probably reason out so I can get out of it and not wake up early. But last night when I got the text, I was I guess so tired I decided to just fuck it not think about it anymore, and just go to sleep so I can wake up early for today. Good for me I guess cos I got to squeeze in more stuff for the day.

I was telling Dohna sa text… it’s also the first time in a long while that I got to commute with all the “korporadas”, as we call ’em. Haha. It’s like college! So I got to commune with the gloss and glamour of middle-class Pilipinas once again. It’s fun and amusing. They all look so well-put together and like one another. Hehe. Sounds mean sorry, but it’s not. And I don’t wanna be, cos my sister’s also like that so… I’m merely observing. In fact, I’m actually amazed by these people. ‘Cos it IS so early in the morning! I mean, to get to my usual get-up, it already takes me more than an hour. Imagine if I had to dress up like them. I’d probably have to wake up at like 3am, and it’d be an event.

Haha. But these “korporadas” are nothing compared to the sheer glamour and elegance of Koreans in the morning. I was on a taxi on my way to the office when I saw these two Korean ladies walking along the streets of Makati. One of them was pushing her baby in a stroller so I guess they were probably taking the kid out for a breath of nice industrial morning air. It seemed to be a huge deal for the ladies because they were dressed-up in their pretty little cocktail dresses — make-up, heels and all. Brought a smile to my face, no kidding. Haha. If it was a sign of things to come today, then I guess I’m in for a really nice, though might be bizaare at times (but who cares really) day. But then, I don’t wanna jinx it. So I’ll shut up now.

Wish me luck.


10 Responses to An Awful Lot of Nothing

  1. bittergrace says:

    leo ha, you’re so cono…well, at least dito sa blog mo. wahaha, wala lang, na-notice lang namin ni mimay 🙂

  2. yoshke says:

    baka magdeny si leo sa pagiging cono, i-quote!

    I was telling Dohna sa text… it’s also the first time in a long while that I got to commute with all the “korporadas”, as we call ‘em.

  3. 307bodycount says:

    hahaha babies and koreans in cocktail dresses! EARLY IN THE MORNING! ayus yan ah!

  4. paranggago says:

    AYN, MIMAY, ES… haha. oo nga no. binasa ko ulet, ayan dito lang naman sa blog ‘yan. 😛 tsaka wala… ambilis ko tinype kanina di ko na na-realize. hahaha.

    FRANCIS… seryoso, aliw yan! at patawid-rawid pa sila ng kalye at dat. hahaha.

  5. dam-dam says:

    grabe. some random observations this shitzu my love.

  6. dk says:

    oh yeah. you told me nga sa text that you were already in roadrunner that early and i was like oh really now coz i just hailed a cab going to that friggin’ shoot of ours. it was like so funny coz i was like in the mood for a good ol’ morning banter with you since you were like so gung ho about it the other night while having a heated colloquy about the cascading waterfalls of trinoma.

    ok, bye. chos.

  7. cheenee says:

    conyo. haha 😛 malapit na cheering! 🙂

  8. paranggago says:

    CHEENEE!!! may ticket pa ba dyan sa inyo? haha.. alala ko 2 years ago, yung cheering. haha. astig tayo!

  9. kizay says:

    konyito. haha. joke.

    hay naku, ibang lebel talaga ang mga koreans. naalala ko, malakas ang ulan nun, but no. kelangan nakaskirt at high heels while nasa ulan at may payong. haha. walang binatbat ang mga korporadas.

  10. dam-dam says:


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