A Girl’s Guide to 21st Century Sex

September 26, 2007

I don’t know if you guys have heard of it. It’s a TV-documentary series shown in the UK late last year, focused on… well… I guess educating women about sex. It was so controversial though because the show was very graphic and touched on topics that would actually fall within the bounds of obscenity. It had segments on sex positions, the g-spot, penis enlargement, swinging, anal sex and even sex among handicapped and overweight people. Imagine that on network TV! Whoa. They even had a segment about sex in public toilets!

So there, I heard about it through my boss who offered to show us some episodes kanina. Taena. Graphic kung graphic! And they were uncensored! It was pretty amusing than arousing though. There was this one segment where they attached cameras to both the penis and the vagina (as in, sa loob!), and they showed like the actual penetration up-close. As in XCU! They even showed the actual point of ejaculation! Inside the girl’s um, yeah! Waah… think of it as penis’-eye view or vagina’s-eye view. Haha! Weird seeing it like that.

Of course when it aired in the UK, a lot of people complained. Of course. I’ve seen it, and I myself think that it’s inappropriate for network TV. I know they’re pretty liberal there in Europe when it comes to these things and all, but even taking that into consideration… the show still pretty much crosses the line for me. However… amazingly… the country’s regulating board thought otherwise. According to them (quoting Wikipedia):

“OFCOM ruled that there was no rule banning the showing of genuine sexual acts on free-to-air television, and that ‘in [their] view the portrayal of sex in this programme genuinely sought to inform and educate’, concluding that ‘whilst the visuals were explicit at times, nothing was transmitted in a manner that could be construed as having the potential to harm people under the age of eighteen’, particularly given its context as a serious factual programme, and as such it was ruled that the episodes were not in breach of any broadcasting regulations.”

Fine then! Haha.


Fighting Tiger, Flying Dragon

September 19, 2007

Survivor‘s back and their going to China! And it’s just two days away. Hwapak!


I’m super curious to see how the Chinese culture will be incorporated into the show. Already, the press release photo of this season’s Tribal Council has me so excited! It’s a replica of a traditional Chinese Temple. [for a complete tour of the Tribal Council – click here] Also, how the game starts this time around is gonna be different. They will be caught off-guard as they will be transported straight to be marooned just after landing in, and experiencing the hustle and bustle of modern downtown Shanghai. And of course, they’ll be left with just the clothes on their backs. Funny one of the castaways, Ashley Massaro (WWE Diva), was stranded in her knee-high boots and fishnet stockings! That should be a good Survivor moment. Haha.

Speaking of the castaways, the show goes back to just having 16 (like in the early seasons), which I think is great ‘cos it’d be much easier to get-to-know each one of the contestants. They’re divided into two tribes: Fei Long (Flying Dragon) and Zhan Hu (Fighting Tiger).


FEI LONG [L to R]: Todd, Leslie, James, Denise, Courtney, Jean-Robert, Amanda, Aaron


ZHAN HU [L to R]: Steve (“Chicken”), Ashley, Dave, Erik, Jaime, Mike (“Frosti”), Peih-Gee, Sherea

Just based on profiles, potentially interesting castaways include Jean-Robert, a professional poker player; Frosti, the youngest person the show’s ever had (20 y.o.); Leslie, a christian radio talk show host; Todd, a huge Survivor fan; and as I have mentioned earlier Ashley, the WWE pro wrestler.

According to host Jeff Probst, this season is gonna be really different. For one, the castaways were given Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” at the start of the season. And according to him, some players actually refer to it later on in the game. There also will still be Hidden Immunity Idols in each camp, and this time around they’re supposedly just gonna be right under their noses. On the other hand, the show’s giving Exile Island a rest this time around. Instead, winning tribes will be given a chance to kidnap a member from the opposing tribe. Interesting how this could change the dynamics of the game. I want spying Sandra and Tijuana style! Classic. Haha. Hope we get to see something similar from this batch of million-dollar hopefuls.

Anyway, I’m really reaally excited! Survivor: China premieres on Crime/Suspense this Friday at 2PM. With replays all throughout the week. For those who don’t get the channel though, don’t ya guys worry. RPN is going to have primetime telecasts at 7pm same day. So everybody happy! Yebah!

Let’s all Survivor together once again! And oh Bebs, pa-kopya ng Survivor: Fiji!

Parang sa “Tribu”, Pero Baliktad… at OA Na

September 18, 2007

Palaki na ng palaki ang regalo ni kuyang nagbabasa ng metro namin ng Meralco sa darating na Pasko.

Our latest electricity bill: P5.65

Oo. Tama ang pagkasulat ko, at lalo na ang pagkabasa mo. Limang piso. Mas mahal pa ang pamasahe sa jeep. Haha. Na-laos din ‘yung 105 pesos na binayad namin last month.

Pero natatakot na rin kami. Ni-report na naman namin sa Meralco pero wala pa rin nangyayari. Baka bumulwak na sa taas ang mga susunod naming electric bill! Nako!

Don’t Talk To Me… [The 2007 UAAP Cheerdance Champs Appreciation Post]

September 16, 2007

Cos it’s painful to talk. Cos my throat’s sore. And my head’s been aching. Cos I screamed my friggin guts out during today’s UAAP Cheerdance Competition!

Well worth it though! WELL WORTH IT!

No matter if I had to wake up super early. And scramble for those damn precious tickets. (thanks pala to Dohna, the Otarras, and Jerwin) I’m used to it anyway. Haha. Shet… I’m so happy. I’ve been waiting for this my entire UP life. Haha. I’m just beaming with school pride right now. Astig!


Shet! Congrats to the UP Pep Squad for bringing the championship back! Very well-deserved. Amazing amazing performance! YOU GUYS TRULY ROCK!

Here are some more pics from the UP Pep Squad’s routine [photos provided by Tere… astig ka uy! hehe. there’s more sa Multiply niya.]:





[Congrats din sa UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe (1st runner-up)  at FEU Cheering Squad (2nd runner-up)]

Oh My Papa!

September 14, 2007

Ang scenario… merong may birthday kaya nagvi-videoke sa bahay. Medyo gabi na so medyo nakainom na rin si Papa. Tapos sabi namin, “last song, last song!” Siyempre, pinagbigyan naman niya kami. Kaya humanap siya ngayon ng kanta… hanap… hanap. Hanggang sa wakas, pumindot siya. At nagsimulang tumugtog ang kanta… 5-4-3-2…

“Papa don’t preach, I’m in trouble deep.
Papa don’t preach, I’ve been losing sleep.
And I made up my mind, I’m keeping my beybeh…”

Haha. Sa utak pa lang, ang weird na’ng kinakanta niya ‘yun eh, ano pa kaya ‘to na totoong nangyayari. Oh my Papa! Astig lang.

Tas kanina, andito lang ako sa kwarto doing my thang, nang biglang pasok ni Papa sa kuwarto na ang bulalas:

“Ayos din pala ‘yung pelikula na ‘yun (“Selena”) ni J.Lo ‘no?
Para siyang si Manny Pacquiao.”

At ako’y natulala… at maya-maya’y tumango na lang. Sabay takbo ni Papa pabalik sa pelikula. Haha. Ano raw?

On the Set of “The Echo”

September 14, 2007

Yeah I was bummed my girl Katharine McPhee didn’t get that role in “The Echo” — the Hollywood remake of Yam Laranas’ “Sigaw”. But I’m over it. Wahaha…! I’m glad at least, that she lost the part out to our homegirl Iza Calzado. Great actress very much deserving of that Hollywood break. She’s so much better than those movies they make her do here… *cough* “Ouija” *cough*.


So they’re currently shooting the movie in Toronto right now, and there’s an article on the Inquirer today about it. BTW, Yam Laranas is directing the Hollywood version as well. Pinoy pride! Woohoo… \m/ Here are interesting excerpts from that article by Mr. Ruben Nepales

“The first thing that Iza blurted out when we inquired how different it was to make a film here was, ‘Everyone has a copy of the script. And the script is so detailed; it even [indicates] the time when people are needed on the set. Everything is so organized.’ … (And) since there are people who take care of her costume, make-up, etcetera, the actress said, ‘I only need to bring myself.'”

“Another difference, she cited, was the work schedule of 12 hours each week day, with a one-hour lunch break. ‘Sagrado ‘yan,’ she said of the strictly observed hours. ‘And there are less people on the set…'”


To learn more about “The Echo”, check out Yam’s (close? haha) blog. All of the photos I used here are from there.

“On the Verge of Something Wonderful”

September 12, 2007

 “When you let me go, when I’m on my way
When the world below is cold and grey
On the verge of, on the verge of something wonderful…

You can dance in the devil’s shoes
if you like walking in heels,
There’s a decent living to be made
in the selling out of ideals”

I started with this song… the first single off Darren Hayes’ new solo release. I liked it so much, I downloaded the 24 other tracks. And I’m a dial-up user (I know, I know…) so that’s saying a lot.

this delicate thing we've made

The recently-released album is entitled “This Delicate Thing We’ve Made”, and it is Darren’s third album post-Savage Garden. I’ve listened to the whole thing 3 or 4 times already and my opinion of the album hasn’t waned since first listen. It’s nothing short of pop music genius! With 25 tracks all-in-all in a 2-disc set, it might seem overindulgent. But just one listen to the entire record and you’ll find that the length’s very much justified. There’s not one throw-away track in this whole set. And Darren pulls-off exploring a lot of different musical styles in his songs while keeping the album cohesive.

It’s basically pop-rock-electronica… Savage Garden meets William Orbit meets U2, and it just works so well. I admire the wise use of synth sounds, as they don’t overwhelm, and are usually countered by real instrumentation (mostly strings) effectively. Astig! The combination is awesome — ambient and cinematic. Really unique but still very accessible. And if you’ve missed Savage Garden and their music… the songwriting here is also reminiscent of that. Matter of fact, a lot of the songs from this album sound like they could’ve well been part of Savage’s “Affirmation”. Think along the lines of “Crash and Burn” and “Hold Me”. Yeah!

Standout tracks: “On the Verge of Something Wonderful”, “Who Would Have Thought”, “Casey”, “Sing To Me”, “The Tuning of Violins”, “How To Build a Time Machine”, “Waking the Monster”, “The Sun is Always Blinding Me”, “A Conversation with God” … Sige ‘yan na muna. Dami pa sana pero ayos na yan for the purpose. Haha.

And girls, I know a lot of you are still holding some sort of animosity towards Darren for turning queer on y’all’s fantasies, but give it a chance. Haha. The guy’s really talented and that’s very apparent here. At P.S.: Astig din ng cover art!