11 Stitches

The sutures are off now, and it’s all up to me to keep it together, and heal.

For a lot of reasons, I feel much better now–both physically and inside. I guess unconciously I’ve been waiting for something like this to happen. For something to serve as a catalyst, not to change exactly, but to push me further and help me see myself better. Before, I felt like I was just going through the motions of being myself, if that makes any sense. Like this is what I do, so that’s exactly what I’m gonna do. Not that I didn’t like how I was before. Nor as if anything has ever stopped me from doing anything unexpected of me. It’s more introspective. Blocking myself off from aspects of me I didn’t want to deal with. Now, I feel that I’m strong enough already to see my entirety, without leaving anything else out for my convenience. Like I can seriously look myself in the eye and tell myself if I had to that I’m a piece of shit… and I’ll be able to handle it. Would hurt if I needed to do that, of course. But I’ll manage.

In short, I guess what I’m trying to say is… I got tougher balls now! Pwera usog and yeah, pun intended.


14 Responses to 11 Stitches

  1. shinjishinji says:

    Yes. We all need TOUGH BALLS!
    Grabe sir, ang emo mo din pala. or Screamo… kung sinisigaw mo to…


  2. apol says:

    I’m happy for you.

    See you soon! 🙂

  3. paranggago says:

    SHINJI… Hahaha… natatawa ako sa Screamo… pero di ko get. pero natatawa ako. haha.

    Thanks APOL! Nako, hopefully makadalaw na ulit ako sa Road.

  4. apol says:

    Hindi lang dalaw. Kelangan na mag-immerse. Hehe. At ihanda ang mga nakatagong english dahil baka manosebleed ka sa trainor mo. Hahaha!

  5. 307bodycount says:


    and when you reach the pearly gates, you don’t have to say anything to st. peter… you just have to drop your pants and show him your balls…”

  6. QueenBeatrix says:

    aha. you’re alive!

  7. yoshke says:

    i liked your hospital room.

    napaka-irrele lang ng comment ko. ahahahaha.

  8. paranggago says:

    onga eto o.. haha. pero astig nga yung kwarto. very chuchal lang for that. chuchal din ang bayad. 😦 haha. salamat talaga for visiting!

  9. dam-dam says:

    patingin ng mga tahi mo.

  10. 007 says:

    o ayan ha madala ka na… banat kase ng banat, dapat palaging gumamit ng proteksyon… kung ano2x tuloy namamaga sayo…

    thought for the day: “better safe than sorry…” 🙂

  11. dam-dam says:

    buwhahhahahhahahahhahahahahha. o ayan shitz, narinig mo. proteksyon daw.

  12. paranggago says:

    007… gago! hahaha… walang namaga! eto o… nambibintang haha

    BEBS… haha, ano? wala akong narinig.. hehe

  13. ed says:

    palipad na ako mamaya!

  14. kizay says:

    LEO! ^_^

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