“We Were Stuck in Traffic, We Took the Bike…”

That’s Quentin Tarantino when asked if they indeed took a pedicab on their way to Cinemanila’s awarding ceremonies at the Malacañang yesterday.

Tarantino at Cinemanila

They were supposedly running late for the event scheduled at 2 p.m. after being stuck in heavy traffic for almost 3 hours amid the heavy rains. Direk Tikoy Aguiluz, who was with him that time, asked then if it was okay with him to just ditch the limo for a pedicab so that they could make it to the awarding, where Quentin will receive his Lifetime Achievement award from the president. He of course agreed, and they took separate pedicabs (as both of them couldn’t fit in one) all the way from SM Centerpoint to Nagtahan, where a car waited for them.

They finally arrived at the Palace 40 minutes after the event started, but still 30 minutes earlier than the President, who also got stuck in traffic on her way to the Palace. As Tarantino was all soaked after the ride, he reportedly changed into jogging pants which he wore with a Barong Tagalog to the ceremonies.

[see full story in today’s PDI or here]

It’s cool that he got to experience the Metro at its finest. Seriously. You guys know how much I love it when it rains in the city. Especially when it rains really hard. When classes get suspended,  the streets get flooded, passengers get stranded, and we all get to complain about it. It’s chaos. It’s fun. It’s romantic. Hehe.

Anyway, nothing to worry guys. Quentin actually seemed to enjoy his experience with the bikes… “It was a lot of fun. It just took a long time but it was not bad at all.” Hey, maybe we’ll get to see it in one of his films in the future.

Eh kumusta naman kaya si manong pedicab driver? Haha. Bigatin!


13 Responses to “We Were Stuck in Traffic, We Took the Bike…”

  1. bittergrace says:

    haha. narealize kaya ni manong pedicab driver kung sinong nakasakay sa pedicab niya? coolness!

  2. paranggago says:

    yun nga eh… haha. naiimagine ko sa utak ko! panalo! tas feeling ko kunukulit siya ni tarantino habang pumapadyak. haha.

  3. bittergrace says:

    haha, oo nga. ang daldal nun eh. pero mahirap ata makipagusap sa pedicab driver habang umuulan at may traffic.

    narinig mo na ba yung kwento nung pumunta siya sa radio station?

  4. Leo says:

    hindi pa… what happened?

  5. bittergrace says:

    oh, these DJs were talking about him and saying he should come to their show. sure enough, may tumawag saying he’s the assistant of quentin and he [quentin] wants to come. siyempre, di sila naniwala at first pero an hour later, dumating nga si quentin sa studio nila.

  6. paranggago says:

    waaah… seryoso? hahaha. kulit ni quentin! anong station daw yun?

  7. bittergrace says:

    di ko alam eh. nakalimutan ko tanungin nung kinuwento sa akin. basta sa ortigas ata siya. tapos english yung dialect nung show, of course.

  8. tish says:

    panalo! hehehe.

  9. kizay says:

    HAHA. Narinig ko to kanina sa radyo at sobangb tuwang-tuwa ako. shet. swerte ni manong driver, kung na-realize niya. haha.

  10. dk says:

    hahaha. ang cool ni manong! tapos yung guilders na dumayo sa gateway e hindi man lang sya nasulyapan. so acheb! ehe.

    andaming updates ha. so kumusta ang house arrest? ehe. ;p

  11. paranggago says:

    hey Tish!

    KZ: oo nga… chuchal si manong driver. haha. naaliw rin ako nung nabasa ko kanina ‘to sa dyaryo eh. astig lang. 😀

    Dohna: haha.. di nila nakita? wawa naman. at least pala ako nasulyapan ko man lang kahit malayo. haha. halata ba ang pagka-buryong ko masyado dito sa bahay. oh but don’t worry, I AM working on the docu. hehe. let’s go defense!

  12. asta says:



    Rain rain, dont go away yet!


  13. paranggago says:

    ASTA! long-time no communication! haha.

    oo nga rain… please stay.

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