“A Cup in Hand…”

I like times like these. When it’s pouring hard and your just home, listening to the sound of the rain outside. When it’s only 3pm but you have to turn your lights on because it’s already dark. Then you leave your windows open to let the cold wind come through… as you enjoy your afternoon snack of pancakes and coffee.

Mmm… the sound, the aroma, the feeling. Nice. Pambawi sa “house arrest” mode ko.

Kulang na lang, well… you know. Haha. Nah, I have my coffee so I’m good. That’s enough to warm me up. But ok yeah, still… it would be nice to share it with someone. Like… friends. Hehe. Oo tama, friends.


8 Responses to “A Cup in Hand…”

  1. kizay says:

    haha. sisters pwede? sabihin mo sa mga ate mo kapatid nila ako. hehe.

    *HUG* buti ka pa may house arrest while im forced to work sa baha.

  2. Leo says:

    haha… nako oo nga.

    although namimiss ko na rin ang paglalakbay sa kalakhan… wahahaa.

    tsaka uy oo, puede sisters!

  3. dk says:


    cmon cmon. let’s join! ;p

  4. paranggago says:

    is this a sign!? hahaha.

  5. kizay says:

    ano naman yan?? haha.

  6. paranggago says:

    parang gagawa ka yata ng 90 sec. commercial? hehe. sayang din yung prize eh. 😀

  7. bebsisms says:

    mas masarap ang champorado with tuyo pag umuulan.

  8. paranggago says:

    champorado, OO! pero ayaw ko ng may tuyo. ewan. di ko lang trip. hehe.

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