“Now You’re Just Gonna Have To Take It…”

July 30, 2007

That’s a line from Chris Cornell’s new song, “Arms Around Your Love”. Saw the video for the song on MTV one afternoon, then after hearing it quickly went on my IRC and downloaded it. Couldn’t stop playing the song eversince.

Never really listened to Soundgarden. I first heard him on the soundtrack of Great Expectations, which looking back now was probably one of the defining albums of my alternative phase, back in the late ’90s. His song “Sunshower”, together with “Life in Mono” (Mono) and “Wishful Thinking” (Duncan Sheik) were anthems to me back then (sigh). Haha. Didn’t hear anything from him after that until he was with Audioslave. That’s when I became more familiar and got to appreciate his songwriting chops better courtesy of their hits “Be Yourself” and “Like a Stone”. Now he’s back as a solo and this new song ish da sh*t! You guys really have to listen to it. Really good. This one’s about lost love and regrets. Nyahaa.. quite depressing. Love it. Hehe.

Chris Cornell’s “Carry On”

“Arms Around Your Love” [Chris Cornell]

With his arms around your love
Oh no, here comes the pain that you can’t ignore /
With his arms around your girl
He’ll do all of the things you didn’t do before /
You had every chance, but you closed the door..

* Now you’re just gonna have to take it
(Cause if you didn’t know)
She’s gonna make you pay for it
(At a price you can’t afford)
You’re just gonna have to take it
With his arms around your love [x3]

Pretend that you don’t mind
But you know everything that you left behind /
And it would have been alright
If you’d gave half of the praise that you held inside /
You thought she’d hang around for the ride…

[repeat *]

Coming clean feels so dangerous
Just a little bit would have been enough
But you never said all the words caught in your head /
As if your heart was dead
Well now its surely bled and broken up

And it would have been alright
If you’d gave half of the praise that you held inside /
You thought she’d hang around for the ride…

[repeat *]


Looking for Copies

July 29, 2007

I was taking a shower when I suddenly thought of the films I’ve been looking for copies of for the longest time now but still haven’t found any. Eto sila…

copies, anyone? 

country: Singapore
year: 1998
director: Phillip Lim
cast: Melody Chen, Caleb Goh, Lim Hwee Sze

I saw this movie on Cinemax way back in ’99 yata when they had a filmfest of Southeast Asian films. It’s basically a coming-of-age flick that was based on the novel “The Teenage Textbook”, which apparently was a cult-classic among the Singaporean Gen-Xers. I’ve been looking everywhere for a copy of the movie pero wala talaga. When I visited Singapore last year, I found out that it actually never got a proper video release. Then late last year, I saw this being sold as a download at Kazaa. However, I still wasn’t able to purchase it because (1) I don’t have a credit card and my sisters won’t let me use theirs, and (2) my humble dial-up connection won’t be able to handle the download anyway. So, anyone?

WHAT TIME IS IT THERE? (Ni Neibian Jidian)
country: Taiwan/France
year: 2001
director: Tsai Ming-liang
cast: Lee Kang-sheng, Chen Shiang-chyi, Lu Yi-Ching

I first learned about “What Time Is It There?” during Cinemanila 2003 (or was it ’04). Just one look at the synopsis and we (me and TP) were immediately intrigued. [Synopsis from Wikipedia: “It is about a street vendor (Lee) who, after meeting a girl (Chen) who is travelling to Paris, is overcome by the urge to set every clock he sees to Paris time.”] Unfortunately though, we didn’t get the chance to watch it then. Good news is that just this afternoon, I found out that Chard (a big Tsai Ming-liang fan) actually owns a copy of the movie. Yey! I just hope he gets it back soon so that Tonet can watch it, then me!

country: USA
year: 2001
director: Robert Altman
cast: Maggie Smith, Ryan Phillippe, Clive Owen, Helen Mirren, Emily Watson

You wouldn’t think this was THAT hard to find since it’s from the USA, an Altman film, has fairly big stars, and was high-profile when it was released. But no… seven years and I still have yet to even just lay my eyes on a copy. I could go to the online stores of course, but as I said I don’t have a credit card. And even if I did, I don’t think I can allow myself to buy the DVD because it’s just too expensive — especially for a film I haven’t even seen yet.

QUITTING (Zuotian)
country: China
year: 2001
director: Yang Zhang
cast: Jia Hongsheng, Jia Fengsen, Chai Xiuling, Wang Tong

This was my favorite (along with “Farewell My Concubine”) among the films that were shown to us in our Film 106 (Chinese Cinema) class. It is based on the true story of Chinese actor Jia Hongsheng (who plays himself here) and his struggle with drug addiction. His real parents and his sister, interestingly, also play themselves in the movie. I remember really liking this then particularly because of its visual style and the story itself. But of course the many references to The Beatles, of whom Jia Hongsheng was a fan, made throughout the film didn’t hurt as well. I tried to look for a copy of this during my trip but it was so hard because I didn’t know the Chinese title. Ugh, stupid.

So kung meron kayo, may kilala kayo na meron, o may alam kayo na mapagbibilhan ng mga ‘to… please. Isang click lang ang comments page.

Sa Pangalawang Kanto, Kaliwa…

July 29, 2007

Dahil ang kupad mag-load ng LiveJournal at laging nagha-hang ang Internet Explorer ko dun, I decided to move my blog here at WordPress as recommended by Ayn.

At para medyo positive naman ang umpisa ng bagong blog na ‘to…

di na muna ‘ko magsasalita.